After 30 years, Voice of the Blue Ridge has become New Vision. This change was needed to help mirror the many ways our organization has evolved from our humble roots supporting a radio reading service to embrace new technologies, new opportunities and new challenges. While VOBR will always be part of our legacy, New Vision is our future.

We Welcome Your Support

A donation of: $25 can provide large-print calendars to 12 individuals with significant vision loss. $50 can provide special frequency radios to 2 listeners of the Radio Reading Service. $100 can provide 5 hours of audio information via the Dial-In News Service. $500 can provide more than 15 hours of individualized instruction at the New Vision Adaptive Technology Center.

What Your Donations Have Made Possible

In 2015, we added 27 Dial-in News listeners, 38 Radio listeners, and 5 Tech Center students. Overall, we have served 347 Dial-in News listeners, 642 Radio Listeners, and 30 Tech Center Students. We’ve spent 1,000+ hours of individual instruction with these students. We are on track with our annual distribution of 7,000 large print calendars.

Featured Services

Adaptive Technology Center

Our Adaptive Technology Center provides individualized instruction in various software programs that make computers accessible to people with vision impairments.

Dial In News Service

The Dial-In News Services uses a unique blend of technology, telephones and volunteerism to bring local news to those unable to read the newspaper in print.

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Recent Posts

April 2016 Technology Newsletter

April 2016 Technology Newsletter New Vision News and Updates News: New Vision had a very successful event on April the 1st called “Music to Remember”. We appreciate the communities support and that of the Miss Virginia Family. Podcasts Editors Note: There’s a number of podcasts featuring interviews and product highlights from the recent CSUN conference. […]

Event: Music to Remember

The Miss Virginia Scholarship Program and New Vision, Roanoke’s organization helping vision impaired people connect to the world, are ready for a star-studded fundraising evening of musical entertainment and a silent auction with hor’derves. “Music to Remember” with Jane Powell and the Miss Virginia Family is Friday, April 1, at Roanoke’s Sheraton Hotel, 2801 Hershberger […]

March 2016 Technology Newsletter

March 2016 Technology Newsletter New Vision News and Updates News: A special event entitled “Music to Remember” benifitting New Vision and the Miss Virginia Pageant will be held on Friday April 1, 2016. This special night will have performances by Jane Powell, Savannah Lane, and Courtney Garrett. A special tribute to Alison Parker and Adam […]

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