Emergency Services on Google Home or Amazon Echo

Picture of Amazon Echo (1st Generation)

Someone recently asked about calling 911 on their Amazon Echo or Google Home. Is it possible? See below for the answers and break down.

Amazon Echo

  • Can the Amazon Echo call 911? No.
  • Can the Amazon Echo, with a $30 Amazon Connect and Landline, call 911? Yes.
  • Are there Services to contact relatives in a Pseudo-Emergency? Yes. Click here for more.

From Website:

“With Alexa calling and messaging, you can call most phone numbers in the US, Mexico, and Canada, either by saying your contact’s name (“Call Dad”) or voice-dialing a number (“Call 222-555-0126″)—emergency services such as 911 are not supported. You can also call or send messages to anyone who has a supported Echo device or the Alexa App on their phone. Learn more. With Echo Connect and a home phone line, you can turn your Echo into a voice-controlled speakerphone to make and receive calls from anyone. You can also call emergency numbers like 911, premium rate, and international numbers (additional carrier charges may apply).”

Google Home

From Website:

“Emergency calls – Calls to emergency services aren’t currently supported with your Assistant on Google Home.”

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